Saturday, April 19, 2014

for those that mourn on this day...

holy saturday.
the day that marks Jesus lying in the tomb.
a day of mourning and grieving.
a day that met many with no hope.

for many, i suppose the same is still true.

there are people everywhere walking through a living hell. right here on earth.
men and women, boys and girls who do not know the flames of hell were extinguished by the blood that spilled to save them.
they haven't a clue that He had to endure the horrific pain so that we might live free.
they are completely unaware that He walked through the fiery pits so that we might be fiercely prosperous.
they can't fathom that He knows exactly what it is like to walk through our hurt and pain, our agony and despair.

it's the whole reason He came.

my heart is tender to those who haven't a clue about Who died so they could live.

i sit on my bed.  the rain is softly failing on the window sill.  
i savor my second cup of coffee.
there is toddler tricks going on all around me.
and yet, i am still.
i sit at the tomb and wait.

the One who declared it finished, is the Only One who could wash me radiant white.  

tomorrow the stone is rolled away.  
He bursts forth, full of life.  fully alive.  
completely victorious over death.
because of the empty tomb, i am redeemed.  

because He lives, i no longer have to walk through hell. 
i remind myself of that when life pushes in hard.

i open the front door to welcome a friend.
a shiver runs up my back.
there is an unexpected chill in the air.
the cold snap that always occurs just before Easter.

perhaps the cold serves as reminder to those who are not clothed in His righteousness.  for those that do not know the pure warmth found in His unending love.  a love that held Him to the cross and allowed Him to walk out of the grave three days later.

it is the cold dampness of this world that causes me to wrap up in Him.  for apart from Him, i'd still be walking through hell.

i am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God!
    for he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation
    and draped me in a robe of righteousness.
i am like a bridegroom in his wedding suit
    or a bride with her jewels.
isaiah 61:10

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