Sunday, April 20, 2014

a baby no more...

somehow she convinces her favorite to jump on the trampoline with her.  but only after asking forty three times.  perhaps i over-counted.   

no sooner they are out the door, i hear her crying.
i rush to the door to find she had tripped and scraped her leg.
i suppose i'll never stop being surprised over how perfectly she fits in my arms.

as we clean the scrape and have a rather dramatic demonstration of whimpering and whining, i'm certain her leg will need to be amputated.  one mention of the doctor and she seems brand new.

we head home for a nap.  she is still and peaceful before i can blink.  
i stare long at her. 
the soft rhythm as her chest rises and falls.
how her long lashes flutter the further she drifts into dreamland.
the sweet pucker of lips i keep kissing.
chubby hands that fit my own like a soft glove.
velvet brown hair that begs to curl.

a month from today, this angel will turn another year older. 
it seems impossible.  my heart is tender to each moment.
i never knew how bittersweet it would be watch your baby get bigger.

she is less baby and more big girl now.
most days, i think she can give me a dissertation on any number of topics.
she is wiser than most.
and the best friend i always wanted.

as we were leaving my parents this afternoon, she saw a cross in the neighbor's yard.
she reminded me that the cross is only a reminder that Jesus lives in our hearts.
and then she taught me that s-o-n spells Jesus.

i'm certain my heart burst wide open.
right there in the middle of southborough road.

the little girl she is growing into is rather amazing.
a little girl who speaks volumes to this heart of mine. 
a little girl whose personality is too big to contain.
a little girl who will always be the baby that fits perfectly in the nook of my neck.
a baby who is my heart's desire and a longing fulfilled.

this girl is the grace-gift i never earned.  a reward undeserved.
yet, a gift i will continue to give back to the Giver of all things good.

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