Saturday, April 5, 2014

wonders never cease...

six months. 
it seems like an eternity when you know something isn't quite right.

just this past week, questions were answered.
a diagnosis to calm the anxiety and fear.

just last week, i felt a peace like none other over the situation.
i knew whatever the answer, it had passed through His hands first.
i knew nothing takes Him by surprise.

and if i claim to put my faith and hope on the One who shapes my life, then i knew it shouldn't take me by surprise either.

which explains why, while emotional and a little uneasy, i fared the news rather well.

on Wednesday, my ever-patient and calm doctor, felt it best to do some exploratory surgery to find the root of the problem.
the procedure was scheduled for Friday.
as in yesterday.

peace paved the time between.
grace covered us.
lavish love filled us.

when you find yourself fully content in the One who holds the future, fear and anxiety are kept at bay and you are filled with joy.
when you hear that your baby girl asks to pray for you the day of surgery, your heart swells at the realization that she seeks Him for comfort.

He holds all my days.
the good.  the bad.  the not so pretty.

but, all is well.
healing is on the horizon.

His goodness never ceases to amaze me.

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  1. oh girl...such a good one to have tattooed to our hearts! praying for you and trusting, as you do, that God is in front of, behind, and all over this situation!