Wednesday, April 9, 2014

when eyes are open wide...

i recognize the gifts of motherhood more when i slow down a bit.  when i allow myself to savor deep the blessing of this reward from heaven i have been entrusted to point to the Cross.

sometimes {a lot of the time!} i get bogged down in the day to day tasks of motherhood.  eyes stay focused on the laundry and dishes and baths and boo-boos and chores and miles between each day. 

but every so often, my heart quickens causing me to slow down and gaze long at all the fun that comes along the path.

here are just a few of my favorites from the past few days...

...fruit snacks in bed,  just because

...singing loud with the sunroof open.

...snuggling deep in the covers and whispering secrets.

...giggling over silly cartoons.

...princess necklaces and high heels.

...jammies and hot tea and story time.

...saying our prayers together and listening to her tender heart for others.

...morning coffee and milk, as we get ready for the day.

motherhood is a high calling.  not one to be taken lightly or haphazardly.
motherhood is not glamorous or fashionable.
rather it is messy and imperfect. 
yet fulfilling and fascinating and fun.

most days, i feel more like a hamster on a wheel.  an endless cycle of rinse and repeat. 
but when i heed the guidance of the One who called me to this place, my eyes are open wide to all the wonder that comes with motherhood.

the only way i know how to mother well is on my knees at the Throne of grace. 

there are days where i fail to fall to my knees.  to make myself less. 
those are the days i miss the blessing.

the less i become, the more i rely on Him.
the more i rely on Him, the less i worry about parenting perfectly.
the less i worry about parenting perfectly, the more grace i feel poured over me.

the extravagant grace of God forever eliminates the burden of perfection--perfect obedience, perfect parenting, perfect anything. ~jeannie cunnion

motherhood is the most extravagant grace gift i could ever have been given.  nothing has so richly blessed my heart than this tiny girl i was given almost three years ago.

His abounding grace and unending love completely wrecks me. 
it drives me to my knees and directly into His presence.

what are some the best mama moments you've been gifted in the past few days?

may our eyes be open wide to the blessings that abound in and through our children.  and may we relish in our reward from above.

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