Monday, August 11, 2014

on a night when fervent prayers are answered...

she grew up over the bridge.
and spent most of her middle and high school years wishing she lived on the plush golf course in the middle of town.  or on the lake surrounded by the forest.  or even the park in the center of a grove.  
anywhere but where she was.

it took her a long time to understand the meaning of community.
real community where people mean what the say and actually pray for you in your time of need.

now she understands that community has less to do with your address and more to do with where your heart resides.
for where your heart resides is where you find life.  or death.
it all depends on the state of the heart.

she lives over the bridge now.
less than a mile from where she grew up.
but she no longer wishes she was anywhere but right where she is.
for her heart resides in eternity.

she has found community as far and wide as the day is long.
people she trusts to pray for and with her.
and yet it never ceases to amaze her when one trusts her with their need for prayer.

weeks ago an old friend trusted her with a burden too great to bear alone.
and so she prayed.  
and prayed. 
and prayed.
and then prayed some more.

last night, that same friend came to her again for prayer.
for today would hold the results.  
results they prayed would be music to their ears.

this evening she wept as she read the words of her friend's news.
all clear.

all clear.

her God never stops wowing her. 

a friend she hasn't seen in over a decade trusted her to pray. 
to carry the burden in a time of need.
so she hoisted it onto her shoulders.  
carried it to the Throne.  
and laid it down for her friend.

she goes to bed tonight humbled and privileged to lighten the weight of a load too great to carry alone.
she weeps for a friend who is home rejoicing with her precious family over answered prayers.
and she is, once again, mesmerized by His radiant glory.

whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  ~john 14:13

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