Tuesday, October 7, 2014

{day seven} how cookies make for a happy day...

let me be honest.
when i first met her, i was a little stand-offish.
i wasn't really sure we would click, if you know what i mean.

seven years ago, on a sunday in september, we were baptized together.
and then, she asked me to be a part of a Bible study.
because she had a vision for women joining together to grow in the Word.

we met for eight weeks in her living room and studied esther.
there on her beige couches i fell in love.  
with her and beth moore.

through the years, i learned she loves cold coca-cola.
and good coffee.  
she devours books like fine cuisine.
and makes a mean cookie for bus rides.
she can praise Jesus like none other.
and has a heart of gold for everyone around her.

her timing is impeccable.

on a day when i am counting down until the end of the week, i opened my mailbox to find an odd looking envelope.
since i'm not a big shopper, i wondered what in the world it could be.
and there printed on the shipping label it read 'a gift to you from {insert friend's name}'

there is no way she could have known the day i had.
nor how badly i needed a little something sweet to brighten my mood.
for we haven't talked in a couple of weeks.

and yet, He knew the exact day the gift would be most appreciated.

as i opened that envelope, i felt the lump in my throat.
the undeserving warmth of such sweetness pumped hard through my veins.
for i have done nothing to earn the gift of this tender friendship.


when the contents of that envelope spilled out, i giggled so hard.
it was such a treasure to me to be so loved.
that a friend would think enough about me to give such grace.

grace comes in all shapes and sizes.
delivered in all sorts of ways.

today, it came in the shape of something that brightened my day.
from a friend who shines His light so brilliantly.

as i sat down with my glass of milk and grace, my day was made happy.
for sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most.

'a sweet friendship refreshes the soul...'
proverbs 27:9

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