Monday, October 6, 2014

{day six} on grace and mail...

it was one of those moments we didn't budget for.
yet somehow we had to come up with the funds.

when you find yourself in the midst of envelopes and snowballs, you hit your knees and pray for guidance.
we are striving for financial peace and working the plan with intensity and purpose.

but sometimes there isn't room in the budget for such things as this.
and sometimes there is more month than money.

anybody know what i'm talking about?

i'm not going to lie.
or pretend that i wasn't stressing over where the money was going to come from.
but this was a test of faith.
i could choose to sit in fear; allowing worry to swallow me whole.
or i could either choose to whole-heartedly trust my Provider.

on a monday morning, i declared He was good.  
i declared that He provided all my needs according to His glorious riches.
and then i laid down the worry and fear.

the night before my flight, i checked the mail.
the tears streamed fast and hot as i lifted my face to the ceiling.
and gave all the praise to One who answers prayers.
there in the stack of mail was pure grace from above.
it came in the form of an overage check from our escrow account.

there are moments when my heart is wide open to the grace that abounds.
but sadly, and more often, i miss it altogether.

but this day it hit me fresh.
penetrating deep in my soul.
for i knew that my faith had been tested.
and i stood firm on His promise.

on a monday evening, standing in my kitchen with mail in hand, i held grace in a white envelope.
just a few years ago, i would have thought it a neat coincidence.
now, i see it for what it really is.

grace upon grace.

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