Sunday, October 12, 2014

{day twelve} for the start of your week...

i'd be lying if i didn't say i always had a smidge of sunday blues.
especially as the afternoon drifts into evening and the shrill of the alarm clock looms over my head.
not because i don't love my job and the people i work with, but the rhythm of the weekend makes my heart skip a beat.

i do not work in corporate america to make a good impression.
or climb the proverbial ladder.

but here's the thing.
we are called to what we do.
each and every day.
for our very lives are ministry to share the Gospel.

i view my workplace as my ministry.
as my daily opportunity to shine His light and share the Gospel in the very way in which i work and conduct myself.

so as the work week is upon us, may we think for a moment how we can make a difference in the lives we encounter this week?

for the moment you stop striving to make an impression and start seeking to make a difference, you will see everything as grace from the Giver of all things good.

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