Monday, October 13, 2014

{day thirteen} roadside assistance...

there is something to be said for living in the town you grew up in.
where your parents are just a phone call away.
and friends stop to help in your time of need.

my man was diagnosed with pneumonia today.
and then my car broke down on the way from work to Bible study.
right there in the middle of a busy road, i barely coasted to the median.

i guess you could say it was a monday.

but then some extraordinary things took place as cars zipped by.

a friend's mom who i have known forever and day stopped to make sure i was okay.
another friend dropped everything when i called and came to see if he could help.
and my parents rushed to my rescue.
because after all, don't parents always keep coming to the rescue of their children?

as i was waiting for my parents, the nicest police officer stopped.
first he passed me, but then i saw his blue lights and he backed up in the median.
he was off duty.
heading home to his wife and kids.
yet, he stopped and waited.
because it was getting dark on a heavily traveled road and there is barely any lights.

as we waited for the tow truck, we spoke of our church families and things we have in common.
first and foremost our love for Jesus.

my heart, which normally would have become unglued over something like this, was held together by the Hands that give me abundant grace for the moment.

grace happens right there on the black asphalt of the everyday road that carries you home.

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