Monday, October 20, 2014

{day twenty} the time skipping sunday school was just what i needed...

there was a time when sunday mornings were for sleeping late.
and then, i started going to church.

now, my heart thrills with anticipation for sunday mornings.
for i adore my church family.

but this sunday i skipped the sunday school hour.

somewhere in the middle of worship a number flashed in the sanctuary.
but seeing as how i don't actually print the parent ticket when i check my child in, i had not idea that the number flashing matched my child in the nursery.
sure, i had some inkling that it was probably her because no one in the sanctuary budged.

when our minister of education slipped in the side door and glanced in my direction, i knew.
my girl needed me.

for the first time in three and half years, there was a situation in the nursery that called for me.

she was sick.

and so we gathered our things and headed for home.
the slightest twinge in my heart and i knew i was upset for missing my hour with my sunday school class.
these are the people that we do life with.
we pray together.  and cry together.  and laugh together.
i love these people.
like really big heart love them.

somewhere on the ride home that disappointment gave way to grace.
for this was just the time my girl and i needed to reconnect.

when life moves at a break-neck pace, opportunities to cuddle are relished.
we used the afternoon to restore and refresh.

once she started to rebound, we danced.
and laughed.
and sang along to her latest obsession.

there are moments when life is interrupted and grace stops you in your tracks.
yesterday was one of those days.
time stood still if but for a few hours.
hours where i studied her face and watched her enthusiasm over undivided attention.

the bright red number in the sanctuary was just thing my heart needed yesterday.
even if it took me a minute to recognize the grace disguised as an interruption.

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