Thursday, October 23, 2014

{day twenty one} the dirt road...

the red dirt road kicked up some memories in my rear view mirror.
a meeting in cheraw led me right past the road that held so many memories from my childhood.

from sunday lunches to shucking corn to playing in the tobacco fields. 
climbing the tree just outside the dining room and pretending to pump gas from the gas pumps on the side of the barn.

a trip to the farm always was an adventure.

sometimes there were trips to society hill for ice cream.
but mostly the farm was all we needed for a weekend full of excitement.

my ma lived on that farm.
she raised chickens and cows.
as well as three girls and one boy.

that boy happens to be my diddy.

she planted a deep love of family into the hearts of her children.
which grew roots into the hearts of their children.
and hopefully those roots will grow into the hearts of their children.

as i drove down the dirt road that led to special memories, my heart was overcome with the grace of it all.
from the percolated coffee that would turn my toes black to the easter egg hunts.
from shucking corn and piling in her bed and sleeping in the crack.
from the eight snake biscuits she always made for the eight grand girls and the proclamation that there are no ugly people in our family.
the clemson care packages that always contained a can of blackeyed peas and a roll of toilet tissue.
the birthday cards with all the hearts for how old you are.
and the muumuu she sent me before my first trip to the bahamas.

as the memories bombarded my heart, the tears flooded my face.
because one should be so lucky to have a ma.

i  can't say where i thought that dirt road would lead that day only that the detour was something my heart needed.
but i do know the memories are treasured deep in a place that longs to see her again.

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