Friday, October 3, 2014

{day three} more...

it's been a tough week.
there are people facing major storms.
waves have knocked them down.
threatening to take the very breath from their sails.

i've watched as people have rallied around them.
reaching down to pull them up.
steadying their feet and holding their hands.
wrapping arms around their shoulders and breathing Life back into their hearts.
boldly whispering prayers of hope and peace and love.

nothing is more thrilling that being Jesus' love in action.
absolutely nothing.
carrying another's burden is a blessing and privilege.
for when we lighten the load of another, we see God at work.
when we keep showing up, we keep shining Light.
when we dare to care, we touch a heart in ways we will never know.
and we change our hearts for good.

He give more grace than we can comprehend.
so much more.

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