Friday, July 10, 2015

learning to trust the Author of our story...{part two}

i am not a believer of coincidence.  or irony.
instead, i am believer of the One who is sovereign over all.
the One who orders our steps.  and orchestrates our way.
the One who promises a plan and a future for our lives.
the One who is faithful and will complete the good work He began in us.
this is where i camped this morning during my quiet time over verses hand-selected just for my family.

over a month ago i dared to feebly begin telling our story.
it left me with sweaty palms and a pounding heart.
not because of shame, regret or fear.
but because i knew it was exactly what He that writes our story wanted.

today, i give a little bit more of this love story.

she told me psalm 25 was for her daddy.
that was four months ago.
when she wasn't even four years old.

i immediately dove right into the passage.
and washed in the grace of the words that only He could give.
because the Spirit was speaking through the words of a 3-year old to bring healing.
and hope.
i cried hot tears of grace. 
forever staining the pages of the only book that breaths life into the depths of my soul.

'do not let me be disgraced,
    or let my enemies rejoice in my defeat. '
psalm 25:2

her daddy had stumbled in his faith.
and when one stumbles, there are always those who rejoice.
those who gossip. and slander. and offer fake prayers.
but we held our heads high and walked the difficult road the Lord had set before us.
because there is a family of brothers and sisters who lift us up.
encouraging us and praying fervently and coming up alongside and offering to walk the journey with us.
their dusty feet and sweaty brows are evidence of the dwelling place of Christ.

'show me the right path, O Lord;
    point out the road for me to follow.'
psalm 25:4

the road set before us has been long.
and winding.  
often times foggy and difficult to travel.
but we have trusted His hand is leading us.

where has this road led us you might wonder?

to an 8-month separation.
where her daddy is learning to live out his faith.
days and weeks and months apart are teaching us all to lean in to the One who loves us fiercely.
a love so thick and passionate it burns deep into the marrow of our bones.
there have been days when we know beyond any doubt that He is carrying us along the way.
for His gentle embrace is the peace that moves us beyond understanding into joy that begs to erupt from our lips.

'do not remember the rebellious sins of my youth.
    remember me in the light of your unfailing love,
    for you are merciful, O Lord.'
psalm 25:7

sometimes we run so long from the sins of our past, we forget what we are running from.
it isn't until we slow down and look back that it sneaks up on us.
this is what happened to our family.
trying to outrun addiction and believing you can handle what life throws your way is the hurdle that leaves you face down on the road.
not knowing which way is up and wiping the grime from our eyes, we began the long, grueling limp towards the Light.

yet, there is but One who remembers us in the truth of His relentless love.
when we understand the unfailing depths of His heart for us, the road becomes more clear.
for we are not running from our past as much as we are running towards the arms of He who pursues us without end.
arms that wrap around us tight and bind the wounds the threaten to bleed us dry.
His nearness is the salve that heals all that breaks us.

'for the honor of your name, O Lord,
    forgive my many, many sins.
who are those who fear the Lord?
    He will show them the path they should choose.'
psalm 25: 11-12

not a one of us is blameless.
there are far too many sins to count for us all.
but those who stand in awe of He who is perfect can choose to walk the path He sets before us.
for He illuminates the road to travel to the eyes that gaze upon His glory.

the path He chose for our family was one that led us away from each other for these past five months.
there are still three months to go until we are reunited.
during this time apart He has done the miraculous work of drawing us nearer to Him.
i wrongly thought for many years that our storm wasn't as great as the storms of others.
that we were in the midst of a summer shower.
and others we knew were drowning under the torrential downpour of floods that would crush them forever.

but a storm is a storm.
and it can overtake you in a mere moment.
especially if your gaze is not set on the Author of your story.
the One who stands in the midst of the crashing waves and floods of rain and beckons us to walk deeper with Him.

to some our story is one of regret, shame, guilt.
lost causes.
unfulfilled dreams.
and obvious divorce.
they are the ones who snicker.
who suggest a parting of ways.
all under the guise of honest prayers.

to others our story is one of hope.
transparent truth. 
and honest emotions.
they are the ones who dared to walk this journey with us.
never leaving our sides.
carrying us when we felt we could go no further.
and promising to see us through until we reach the promised land.

to us, it is a love story.
a story of redemption, santification, and God.
because only He could write such a tale.
the tale of a man and woman. 
broken and bruised.
with more sin than they could carry alone.
luggage so beaten and tattered.
burdens tucked deep into dark corners.
a man and a woman.
who He brought together in a quaint little town in upstate south carolina.
her high school crush.
his girl who he threw rocks at her bedroom window.
a couple He brought together and binds together and bears fruit together.

He is writing our love story.
because of His mighty love for us.

He is using our story of brokenness to show His awesome power.
to Him be all the glory.
for our hope is found in Him alone.

'may integrity and honesty protect me,
    for I put my hope in you.'
psalm 25:21

i do not believe in coincidence.  or irony.
nor do i believe it was a fluke that we would be reading psalm 25 today during our 90-day Bible reading challenge.
because the Author of our story weaves beautiful details into every single moment of each and every day.

may you trust the Author of your story.
and may you see His goodness at work in all the details.
the twists. and turns. and foggy paths.
for they are all designed by His plan.
to guide into His abundant blessings.

you are always welcome over at my place.
where i leave the light on for you.
come on back later.

because i promise i will share more of our story.

until then...

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