Tuesday, December 22, 2015

three little words...

if someone asked you to pick three words to describe your past year, which would you choose?
just three little words that could sum up an entire twelve months?

i have spent hours pondering the question.
an entire year rolled into three words?
just three small words to describe thousands upon thousands of moments?

truth be told, last year you never would have convinced me that this would be the place i would be.
the unlikeliest of places.
a place that is a far cry from the december darkness of last year.

reflecting on this unlikely place has caused my heart to reel with all the emotions.
a year ago it was highly unlikely that my marriage would survive.
the odds were stacked against us.
i had little faith in another anniversary.
had lost all hope in restoration.
and had given up on the feeling of true love.

three words.
they steamrolled me over lunch.
left me flat out awestruck over the goodness of a Father that loves so perfectly.

the unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence.
through our darkest moments, there was an unwavering belief that He works all things for good.
an anchor in which to grasp when the waves threatened to take us down.
for it was my faith that moved me to trust His will for our family.

the world will define hope as wishful thinking.
but those whose eyes are set on Jesus know that hope is found in Him.
it is only because of Him that our marriage was restored and we can celebrate another year together.

hollywood and social media miss the mark.
for love is never about passion or sex or anything of the such.
God is love.
and apart from Him, we are incapable of loving others.

because of His faithfulness.
and our hope in Him.
we find ourselves in this unlikely place.

perhaps you are in an unlikely place this season.
maybe the twinkling lights leave you less enchanted and more exhausted.
it could be you have little faith in anyone.
it might be you have lost all hope of anything.
and it is highly probable you no longer believe in love.

but what if i told you that God takes the unlikely and gives us exceedingly more?
or what if i told you He takes ashes and creates beauty?
and He takes brokeness and gently makes pieces of a life whole?

here is the truth this holiday season.
the glorious gift of Jesus and the bloodied mess of the Cross can not be separated.
and in the midst of all the beautiful decorations and gifts and music, the truth remains.
there is still mess and chaos and storms.
still death and dread and heartache.

yet, these three remain.
but the greatest gift is love.

and He is that gift.

may you unwrap the unlikely gift of Love this season.
as you sit amongst the lights, may His grace overwhelm you.
and may you come to know the One who lavishes you with all things good.


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