Thursday, December 31, 2015

in which we boldly step into the new year...

it was a hard year.
really hard.

one that started in much darkness.
with little hope of happily-ever-after.

we spent seven out of twelve months apart.
days turned into weeks that turned into months.
and in the process He began to change our hearts.

it was scary to remove the masks and face the truth.
but we boldly dared to tell our story.
not because it is a great story.
or because we believed that people wanted to hear our story.

we told it so that others may know of His lavish love.
for it is only through Him we are capable of loving each other and 
those He has entrusted to us. 

as we told our story, we stood amazed.
for we weren't met with awkward silences or gawking glares.
we were met with abundant grace and abounding love. 
and we will never be able to express our heartfelt gratitude for the great cloud of witnesses that surrounds our family. 

you poured love and grace and mercy over our family.
in our darkest hour, you held us up and gave us something to hold onto.
something real and lasting.
something to cling to when the storms rage.

we will continue to tell our story. because to tell our story is to tell of Him.
and to tell of Him is to have hope.
we boldly step into this new year overflowing with hope that is only found in Him.

He has given us grace upon grace.
lavished us with love.
because of Him we have hope.

and hope is what helps us float when the waves threaten to take us under.

may you dare to tell your story this new year as you find hope in the Author and Perfecter of your life.

as for us,we will always have hope;
     we will praise You more and more.
psalm 71:14

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