Wednesday, October 19, 2016

one month...

it has been a month.
our hearts are bigger.
our house is crowded.
and our family is complete.

you arrived with all the fanfare as we expected.
there were lots of visitors and hugs and kisses and cuddles.
you will soon learn that our family is surrounded by a village that loves us well.

a whirlwind of days.
that is exactly what this past month has been.
we have visited with family and friends.
toured the ol' family farm.
attempted some family pictures.
traveled to a family wedding.
watched a few football games.
and survived hurricane matthew.

through it all, you amaze us.

you love front porch rockin'.  being held.  stroller rides. and your sister singing to you.
however, you are not a fan of diaper changes.  baths.  or waking up hungry.

much like your big brother, you are an eater.
you are already up to six ounces at each feeding.  
and inching closer to seven each day.

we start are morning early by taking your sister to school.
and we spend most of our days running errands or cleaning up the house.
you are such a champ.

an answer to months of prayer.
for you are just such a chill dude.
laid-back, go-with-the-flow, take it all in stride.
which is such a blessing.
because we are a crazy bunch.

and we are absolutely crazy about you.

i mean like head-over-heels, insanely wild, nuts about you.
we can not imagine our lives before you.
believe us when we say, you complete us.

griggs michael, you one cool dude.

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