Sunday, September 18, 2016

to the one i love the mostest...and then some more

we sat on the front porch this afternoon.
the sun was shining bright.
and it was hot as could be.

our daughter was two houses down playing with some friends.
the teenager was in his room watching tv.
but the two us.
we were just a rocking and talking.
about all that tomorrow would hold.
and my heart reflected on those few short minutes the rest of the day.

we've covered a lot of rocky terrain in these eleven years together.

there is one thing i believe we both agree on.
we wouldn't have done with anyone else.
for as difficult as the journey has been, it has been worth every valley and dark place.

you are the love of my life.
and this life we are building together is wilder than anything i could have dreamed.

i'm sorry that there has been less of me to give you these past few months.
and i will go ahead and apologize for the exhaustion that awaits.
but i want you to always know that i loved you first.  and will always love you longer.

it is exhausting work building a life together.
but the rewards are far greater than the sacrifices we make now.

my heart will always be grateful for you making my dream of being a mama come true.
for we will have walking, talking examples of our love.
and i pray we send them out into the world to love as hard and fast as we have loved one another.

tomorrow, our world grows a little bit bigger and brighter.
it won't be easy.
but what about our journey has been?

i rest in this.
that as long as we do this thing hand in hand, we can travel any terrain together.
so let's keep rocking and talking.
and trusting that the One who brought us together will keep us together.

you are the man of my dreams.
the one who loves me well.
keeps me laughing.
and completes my heart.

thank you for loving me like only you can.
and thank you for making my dreams come true.
i love you the mostest.
and then some more.

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