Sunday, February 19, 2017

five months...

as i sit and write this, you are finally quiet in your swing.
we just walked in from doctor's care.
you have been battling a fever and cough for the past few days.
you don't have an appetite and aren't your normal smiling self.

after two days of a fever, we decided it was time for a trip to the doctor.

it is viral.
go figure.
but i would rather hear those three words for my peace of mind.

what a way to spend your five month birthday.
five months.
it happens so fast.

you have rolled over once.
getting past that Buddha belly has proven to be quite the challenge.
speaking of belly, you are steady growing your menu.
so far, you have tried sweet peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples and pears.
you are not the biggest fan of sweet peas.
but you are none the wiser when i mix them with your carrots.
just like us.
we go together like peas and carrots, you and me.

the last time we checked you weight a whopping 22 pounds.
i can barely carry you in your carseat anymore.
when i do, i count it has my exercise for the day.
both cardio and weights!

you are wearing a size 3 diaper and size 9 month clothes.
you wore a pair of jeans the other day that your daddy said you could never wear again.
he swore they were skinny jeans.
obviously, they were not.
but you did look a little country on the top and hipster on the bottom.

you are a people-watcher.
it comes naturally, i suppose.
something you inherited from your namesake.
he introduced you to the art on Christmas eve at the mall.
and you took to it like bees to honey.
i think you suffer from FOMO. {fear of missing out}
it isn't anything serious, right now.
but when you are older, it won't be as cute.

i am overjoyed that we didn't have the fear of missing out on you.
you have blessed our lives in ways we will never be able to explain.
we never knew our family was incomplete before you.
but now we know completeness.
you fill our hearts full of joy and happiness and love.

happy 5 months, boog!
we sure hope you feel better soon.
looking forward to all this next month holds as you continue to explore and grow and learn.