Friday, February 3, 2017

to the girls who will vie for my boys' hearts...

i don't know where to begin.
finding the words to say to you are hard.

i think of you often.
and pray for you more.

i see you in the girls on social media.
the covers of magazines.
television shows and music videos.
and truth be told, my heart shutters.

i want more for my boys than that.
more than scantily clad girls in provocative poses.
more than pouty lips and seductive glances.

i want more for my boys than a girl who is wrapped up in herself.
a girl who cares more about looking good than doing good.
a girl who enjoys the spotlight rather than letting her light shine.
a girl who just wants to have fun and doesn't stick around for the heavy stuff.

i used to be a girl like that.

trust me, i won't be buying the boys will be boys thing.
not on my watch.
this world will do everything it can to steal the hearts of my boys.
the world tries to make boys believe that girls are simply objects of their affection.
love 'em and leave 'em.
the world will tell boys that a girl's heart is nothing of value.
something to take advantage of and use for their advantage.
the world will serve up a big ol' hunk of selfish pie and entice my boys to indulge.
to fill them with lies about sex and relationships and all the boy things.
but i'm not having it.
not one bit.
these boys have been entrusted to our care.
not the care of the world.
and we are doing all we can to set their eyes on the Cross.

which is why i have been praying for you.
praying that you would not buy into the garbage this world is selling.
to the skimpy clothes and tons of makeup.
to the 'sex-sells' junk.

hear me say this.
purity has less to do with your virginity and everything to do with your heart.
your heart is the wellspring of life.
and everything you say and do flows from what fills your heart.

may it be pure.

my boys deserve a girl whose heart is set on Jesus.
her gaze should be steadied upon Him first.
for when your eyes are fixed on Jesus, there isn't a boy in this world that can steal your eyes away.
and you don't want one who tries.
believe me, deep down in a place you can't quite figure out right now, you are longing for a boy who has his gaze on Jesus first.
your heart needs a boy who will lead you to Him.

you can take this to the bank.
a boy will either lead you one of two places.
to the foot of the Cross.
or the path of destruction.

ask me how i know.

we pray our boys lead you well.
we pray they will take care of your hearts like the treasure they are.
we pray they understand that you were created as a helper for them.
not a possession.  not a maid.  not a sex object.  not a lesser-than.
you were created as an equal.
in the very image of the One who hand-crafted you.

as a girl who was once where you are, i encourage you to stay pure of heart.
to fall madly and deeply and insanely and wildly in love with Jesus.
He is the only one who can romance you and love you the way you deserve.
and once you have fallen head over heels into that love story.
then and only then will you be ready to love my boys they way they deserve.

until then...
we will keep telling our boys how to treat a lady while showing them Jesus.

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