Friday, May 25, 2012

five minute friday: opportunity

On Five Minute Fridays, we link up with The Gypsy Mama and write for five minutes flat. No editing, no spell-check, no over-analyzing of words, just pure writing from the heart. Join us?


My Bible Study group, my Beloved Beauties, just wrapped up our study on 'What Women Fear' by Angie Smith.  Highly recommend.

But a thought from the book has resonated with my heart all week long.

"There is still a lot of wisdom in
choosing to surround ourselves
with people who also fear God
and will hold us accountable
 and encourage us as we try to do the same."
Angie Smith, 'What Women Fear'

I told my Beauties I think we are fearful of holding each other accountable because we fear the rejection and anger that comes with telling a friend they are doing something opposite of what God says.  Right?!!!  I mean, who really  wants to tell a friend they are doing or acting or saying something unpleasing to God. 

I'm putting this is black and white for all to see, but I earnestly pray that each of you will hold me accountable. When I do something that does not hold true to God's word, whether that be gossip, impatience, meanness, overlooking a need, you name it, I pray you will hold me accountable. I pray you will seek God's guidance when holding me {or anyone} accountable and I pray that the accountability comes from a place of Truth and not a place of anger or revenge or ill-will.

"If you have people around you who will
allow you to walk in the opposite direction
of God's commandments without confrontation,
I suggest you find some that can love you better.
That goes for us as observers, too;
if we are in the presence of sin
and we don't act, then we need to
consider our own hearts as well."
Angie Smith, 'What Women Fear'

Since reading these words, I've missed the boat.  On more than one occassion.  Not seized the opportunity.  Not heeded to the small, still voice that is urging me to spur my friends and co-workers and family along toward Jesus.

I don't want to miss another opportunity.  And I pray you don't either.  I pray that we are a group who loves each other better. I pray we love each other enough to keep us on the narrow path. I pray that we fear confrontation less and God more.

I promise to still love you {no, make that adore you} if you hold me accountable.

Do you promise the same?

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  1. Accountability is such a scary thing... but important!
    Loved your Five Minute Friday thoughts!