Monday, November 5, 2012

{day five} my beloved beauties...

I wrote about them here.

But words will never do justice to the gratitude that fills my heart for these ladies.

My ladies.

My Beloved Beauties.

These women spur me along in my walk with Jesus. These women encourage me to be a better version of myself. These women share Truth with me. These women pray for me and with me. These women stand beside me when the going gets tough.

These women are my people.

And every Monday night we get to devour the Word of God together. We soak it up like we've never eaten a morsel in our entire lives. We pour out ourselves, so we can pour into each other.

These women and their faithful, Jesus-loving hearts make me grateful. Grateful for their passionate hearts and for their friendship.

'And where two or three of you are gathered together because of me,
 you can be sure that I'll be there.'
Matthew 18:20

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