Friday, July 19, 2013

a week full of joy...

have you ever had a week so full of joy that it spills out everywhere?  no matter how hard you try to contain it, you just can't?

that's the thing about joy.  it's everywhere. 

joy is more about the position of your heart.  and less about your circumstances.   more about seeing Him and less of you.  more about recognizing the grace in everything and less of the gripe. 

allow me to share some of the joy from my week.

....when your husband, soul-mate, best friend totally talks your love language and takes you out for ice cream on the spur of the moment.

....swinging until dusk at the park with girl. sister-in-law's guacamole.  enough said.

....stopping in to visit with my mama and diddy and being asked to stay for supper.  complete with homemade blueberry cobbler.  what?!!

....a juicy, ripe, fresh-from-the-garden, tomato sammich for lunch. yes, with duke's mayo.  yummy!

....dunkin donuts coffee.  the end.

....hanging out with your aunts and a cousin while waiting for news of surgery.  laughter makes the waiting more bearable.

....a precious friend who takes your daughter home from school and loves her like she is her own.  and then sends you home with fresh baked cookies. 

....impromptu family date night.

....a sweet friend and co-worker who brings breakfast quiche for the staff on a friday morning.

....a washed, waxed, vacuumed car.  makes me want to drive around all day.

....kicking off the weekend with sweet frog.  big praise to my dear mother-in-law.  she totally gets my love language too!

....a clean house on a friday night, leaving saturday free for family fun!

and so much more.  when you position your heart to find the joy in all your moments, your heart begs to burst wide open. 

may your weekend be so jammed packed with joy you can't help but share it with others.  may your hearts be positioned to find the blessing in everything. 

gratitude is the best accessory.

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