Saturday, September 7, 2013

a tribute to best friends...

best friends are very special people in your life.
they are the first people you think about when you make plans.
they are the first people you go to
when you need someone to talk to.
you will phone them up just to talk about nothing,
or the most important things in your life.
when you’re sad they will try their hardest to cheer you up.
they give the best hugs in the world!
 they are the shoulder to cry on,
because you know that they truly care about you.
-urban dictionary

best friend.  who is yours?

if you are like me, that person has changed a few times over the years.

growing up, it was the feisty girl that lived just on the other side of the fence.  she would fight with me and for me in all circumstances.  just ask the girl who hit me the one time we rode the school bus home.  that squirt of a girl jumped her back and defended me with all the strength she could muster.

we grew apart in middle school and made new friends.  from middle school to high school, there were several faces that held the title 'best friend'.

one of those girls and i traveled all the way to a town nestled in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains for college.  we roomed together.  declared the same major.  joined the same sorority.  just a tad too much togetherness.  it drove a wedge between us.  we remained friends, but never as close as we once were.

and yet, it wasn't until i was in my mid-twenties that a woman drifted into my life.  and i knew.  she was the one He sent to me to be my forever friend.  the one who would call just to hear my voice.  the one who could tell what kind of mood i was in from the moment i said hello.

earlier this week, i was fixing my girl's hair for school.  we were chatting about school and her friends.  i casually asked her, 'who's your best friend, baby?'

her answer made me cry.  and laugh all at the same time.

'you my best fahwind, mama.'

tears spilled over my eyes as i hugged her tight.

truth be told, she is my best buddy.  i would rather hang out with her than do anything else in this world. 

i've thought about our conversation all week.  and every single time i would think of two women in my life who deserved the title 'best friend'. 

one is my mama.  a woman who knows me better than anyone.  a woman whose voice tends to make everything better.  a woman who gives the best hugs in the world.

and the other is the woman that drifted into my life all those years ago.  she now resides a little farther away than the next street over.  but yet, she is my forever friend.

these two women are my 'in case of emergency'.  they are my go-to people.  they are the people i call for no reason at all.  they are my lobsters.  {all you Phoebe and Friends fans will totally relate!}

i pray my girl finds a forever friend in me.  her mama.  because i will always have her back.  i will always know how she is just by the sound of her voice.  and i will never stop trying to make it all better. 

i approach the throne everyday and pray for the heart of the girls she will befriend as she grows older.  i pray these girls hold her heart like the treasure it is.  i pray my girl does the same with the friends she makes. 

friendship isn't something to be taken for granted.  or treated half-heartedly.  friendship is a gift from the Giver of all things good. 

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. 
 "Pooh!" he whispered. 
"Yes, Piglet?" 
 "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw.  "I just wanted to be sure of you." 
~A.A. Milne

grab my hand, my sweet angel.  you can always be sure of me. 

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