Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{day 1}::the reason for which something exists

pur·pose [pur-puh s]
the reason for which something exists or is done made, used, etc.
day one:
the reason for which something exists.  what is the reason you exist?  what is that thing you were created for?
for the longest time, i wasn't sure.  i thought life was all about what hollywood shoved down my throat at every turn.  the romance.  the happy endings.  the big girl job and happy hour smiles. 
how disillusioned i was. 
christmas 2003 my parents gave me the purpose driven life.  it collected dust on a shelf for a couple of years.  over the course of that time, i felt a gentle pull.  a drawing closer, if you will.  nudging me off the path i was on. 
in 2005, i stepped off the broad path for a break.  to catch my breath.  and take an inventory of how i was living my life.  a year later, through some rather emotional twists and turns, my life completely turned around. 
since that time, i have felt something churning deep inside.  something that felt a little less like the fall leaves spinning in the crisp autumn breeze.  it was more like a tiller digging up earth.  cultivating the soil so ripe, abundant fruit could grow.  because of the seeds that were scattered over the new, fresh soil of my heart something beautiful took root and began to sprout.  for a while, i was uncertain whether i wanted to peek at the beauty that was growing inside.  for glancing at that which was planted meant there would come a time to harvest the fruit and share with others.  and sharing with others meant i would have to face the naysayers.  the ones who knew me before.  the ones who may not believe such a dramatic transformation could take place. 
it also meant that i would have to move away from my comfort zone and into territory uncharted for me.
i'm here to tell you.  the One who created the heavens and the earth is fully capable of changing a heart like mine.  for every path i tread was a grand design.  there was reason behind the heart ache and sorrow.  there was reason for the loneliness and emptiness. 
through all of it and much more, He works for good. 
a purpose has been planted in my soul.  a reason for which i exist.  the very reason by which i was created.  to declare His power. to proclaim His great name. 
come on back tomorrow where i'll share more of this purpose that has grown deep and sprouted big.  i'll leave the front porch light on for you. 

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