Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{day 2}::the reason for purpose

as soon as i hit publish last night and sent my post out for anyone to read, fear crept in. questions bombarded by soul like grenades to this dream of mine.

here's the thing about putting your thoughts out there for people to see. to dissect.  to turn over in their hands and possibly rip them to shreds.

or worse, to simply pass them by without a second glance.

as a blogger, you wonder if people actual read what it is that has been laid on your heart.  sometimes the stats reflect that my words floated off the screen and landed in the hearts of hundreds. {sometimes tens of thousands?!! that's craziness, right there!}  other times they reflect something much,
much less than that.  the later leaves me wondering if this is really the thing that has been planted in my soul.

i received a phone call this morning in my office to confirm that this purpose is exactly what i've been called to.  regardless of what the stats reflect.

will this purpose reach the masses?  maybe not.
will this purpose be used for His glory?  absolutely!

this little corner of the worldwide web that i've claimed may never reach more than those that have already stumbled upon it.  but i will continue to pour out words in this space so that His glory will be revealed.
a few years ago i was in my car at a stoplight and i distinctly heard the Holy Spirit tell me that i would share His name with women all over.  at the time, i wasn't sure what that looked like.  i had yet to claim this little corner.

but since then, He has given me a passion for women of all ages, shapes and colors.  women who walk in different seasons than me, as well as those who share this time of craziness of working full-time and mothering full-time, while still trying to find the time to be a wife and friend and daughter
and sister.

every time i want to throw in the towel, to vacate this space, to stop pouring my words out, He sends me a gentle reminder of why i am here in the first place.

For Him.

i humbly submit this purpose that has grown so deep and sprouted so big to Him.

for many are my plans, but it is His purpose that prevails.

come on back every day this month as we continue to peel back the meaning of purpose.  the couch is comfy and the porch light burns bright for you.

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