Friday, May 2, 2014

a little surprise {or 35 to be exact}...

for as long as i can remember, i've had this notion that 35 must be the magical age. 
like an age where you would finally feel like an adult.
hard to explain, but there are days when i feel like a teenage girl trapped in someone else's life. days that i want to sprint back to the safe haven on springfield drive, slamming the  bedroom door of the place that molded me and let someone else deal with the hard stuff.

anyone know what i'm talking about?

last year, i counted it all as joy.
choosing to find the grace in it all changes your perspective.

since january, i have been looking for opportunities to lavishly give grace to others.
my plan is not unique.
in fact, you can google it and find pages upon pages of people who have done the same.
which leaves me to ponder, there must be something to heaping blessings upon others.

so starting today, which just so happens to mark 35 days until i arrive at the age i always thought so magical, i am choosing to do something different each day to bless those around me.
most will be anonymous, but my hope is the ones who find or receive the blessing will count it as joy.

i have done absolutely nothing worthy to deserve the rich gifts the Giver of all things good continues to lavishly pour over my life.
nothing, I tell you.

but isn't that the sheer definition of grace?
unmediated, undeserved, unearned favor.

if you happen to see some random stuff going on around flotown, don't laugh.
i am planning to let this little Light of mine shine for the next 35 days, in the hopes that someone will find Jesus.
because that is the best gift they could ever unwrap.

you can follow these antics on instagram or facebook.

the fun starts today! i can barely contain the excitement.
join me in prayer for His favor over these days, won't you?

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