Thursday, May 1, 2014

in which i was wisked away for a surprise weekend getaway...

have i ever mentioned that my husband is the best at surprises?
i mean the absolute best!

next weekend marks five years since i walked down the aisle and into his last name.
we spent our honeymoon on edisto island, tucked away from the rest of the world.
a week of stillness and oneness.  a week with nothing to do but be with one another.
we lingered over coffee long into the morning.
we sat in the afternoon breeze on a screened porch and dreamed about what the years would hold as we forged this new life as man and wife.
it was nothing if dreamy.

sadly, it's been five years since just the two of us got away together.
children and commitments have kept us from carving the time
our hearts so desperately crave.

unbeknownst to me, with almost a year of planning, we set out this afternoon for a weekend getaway.  as we traveled the interstate, i kept wondering where we could be heading.
tears flooded my eyes as it became apparent the direction we were following.

such sweet memories of a life started with this man i adore.

the evening has been spent holding hands and quietly exploring the nooks and crannies of this island that knew us as newlyweds.
there have been giggles and heart flutters.
there is romance and swoons.

but deeper than that, down real deep where some days you have to get dirty and dig hard, there is a love that has been forged to create one life.
a life spent together, completely committed to withstanding the stormiest of nights.

it hasn't been easy.
but marriage should never be described as easy.

we are using this weekend to rediscover who we married and who we have become together.
surprises await and giddiness bubbles just beneath the surface.

this man of mine was exactly what my heart desired. and each moment with him is a testimony of gracious love.

'i am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.'  ~song of solomon 6:3

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