Friday, May 16, 2014

four truths to bury deep in your heart...

somehow having a baby girl changes your perspective.
at least for me, it has.

i've said over and over and over again that i was a girl who traveled the wide road paved straight to hell for far longer than i care to admit.
i believed every single lie the world shoved down my throat.
until i found myself choking on the deceit and filth that poisoned my life.

one look into the windows of my girl's heart and i knew.
i knew there were truths i needed to share with her.
for i never want her to travel the same path i was on for so long.

my ability to mother is tied directly to my relationship with Jesus.
for He is the only one who can equip for this high calling.

here are four major truths i want my girl to bury deep into the space where she may never forget.

girls are mean.  and meanness stems from insecurity.  sure, they be the most popular girl and wear the latest fashion.  but, deep down, in places those girls don't care to admit, they are insecure.  i pray you don't become one of those girls.  drama and gossip and meanness and all things said 'just in fun' are nothing but pure darkness.  resist the urge to be one of those.  walk in the Light.  dare to be different.  stand out from the crowd.  remember, that a true friend will cling closer to you than a sister.

the world is going to try its darnedest to convince you that sex is okay.  in fact, they go so far as to tell you that sex is fun and nonchalant.  and that, my sweet girl, is a lie straight from the fiery pits of hell.  let me give it to you straight.  sex is good.  because God ordained it so.  however, it can only be good when shared between a husband and wife.  save yourself.  but more than that, remain pure.  and purity is way more than just abstaining from sex.  purity is all about the state of your heart.  from the clothes you wear to the things you say to the movies you watch and the music you listen to.  every single bit of it is vying for a piece of your heart.  guard your heart over everything else. 

no amount of makeup or beauty products will ever make you prettier than you already are.  for you were designed on purpose for a purpose by the very Hands that created the universe.  He declares that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.   flee from the mouths that shout beauty is found in baring your skin.  for the more skin you show the more of your soul you give away.  trust the One who thinks you are lovely just the way you are.  

believe me when i say, not everyone is going to like you.  and that is okay.  i have my fair share of people that do not like me.  it has taken me a long time to come to grips with this.  and, i know this is going to be hard to comprehend, but your self-worth is not linked to how many people like your instagram picture or your facebook status or retweet your words.  your self-worth is completely defined by the very image of the One you were fashioned after.  you, my darling daughter, are an image bearer of Christ.  live worthy of that.  and don't give a second thought to how the world defines self-worth.  

oh, that she may believe these things.  that she may rest in His infinite love for her.  that she may see herself worthy and beautiful simply because He declares her so.  

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