Thursday, May 15, 2014

in which you come to your senses....

i looked back over my week long series last year.  when i got to the post about your five senses, i realized how much had changed.  i thought it might be fun to do it again...

{in good hands}
you are very much a hands-on learner.  and you love to use your hands.  painting and play dough are two of your favorite things.  you enjoy playing with my hair {score!} and you have picked up on the same habit i had since i was a little girl.  you twirl your hair when you are relaxing or going to sleep.  but my all time favorite thing is when you grab my hand.  i'm fairly certain my heart stops beating when your fingers lace with mine
yep, my heart actually stopped beating right at this moment.

{flavor fav}
can't say much has changed here.  you still have a sweet tooth the size of texas.  not that i blame you.  most days, i could devour a five pound bag of dixie crystals like it were my job.  you have also developed a bit of an obsession with chewing gum.  you love to chew it.  but you always ask if others have gum and then ask them to let you see it.  and much to my dismay, we have entered the dreaded chicken nuggets and french fries stage.  but our new favorite treat is getting shaved ice and sitting in the swings at the little place on cashua.  i've decided our goal is to try all the flavors this summer.  

we are particularly fond of blue raspberry shaved ice!

{a rose by any other name}
after a hard day of playing outside, you declare that you 'smell like a wet dog.'  i suppose you do.  perhaps you've heard that before.  but you love to take a hot bath {most of the time} and wash your hair with fruity shampoo.  you like lotion.  and now that we have been using essential oils, you don't like to go a night with your lavender on your feet and behind your ears.  

in case you were wondering what a wet dog smelled like...

{windows to the soul}
your blues eyes take my breath away.  i love watching you see things for the first time.  your eyes get really wide and you stare long until you can make sense of what you are seeing.  you are definitely a people watcher. let's blame that on papa.  i can already see you joining him on that bench at the mall on christmas eve and watching all the people pass by.  you have an eye for detail and you don't miss a thing.  not one thing, trust me.

this is you in serious people watching mode.  

{turn on your listening ears}
you have music in your bones and song in your heart.  we love to jam in the car everyday.  you adore rocking out to crowder or drakeford.  and the new passion cd really makes us wiggle and sing loud!  it amazes me how you hear a song one time and remember the words.  i'm certain that your days are a musical because you love to sing and listen to music.  i can't wait to see if you will be interested in pursuing a musical instrument or vocal talent.  regardless, the sound of your voice will always be music to my ears!  

santa sure had a sense of humor when he dropped off this microphone

oh my sweet girl, you really are the best of everything all wrapped up in a sassy, sweet bundle.  you are a savory dessert and rhythm of my heart.  you fill the space with an aroma so sweet and you are a sight to behold.  and nothing will ever feel as soft and right as you cuddled up in my arms. 

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