Saturday, May 17, 2014

three pieces of motherly advice for my girl...

we had so much fun celebrating your birthday over dinner last night with our family...both immediate and extended.  i looked around the room and my heart overflowed with how blessed we are with such loving people to do life with.  

and rest assured, sweet girl, each and every one of the people who celebrated with us last night adore you beyond measure.  

we are three days away from your birthday, but today was a less than stellar day.  
funny how you can go from celebrating on a mountaintop to wallowing in the valley in less than 24 hours.

but, we made the most of it.
you and i set out for shaved ice and scooter riding on the rail trail.

as i was watching you learn to ride your scooter, i couldn't help but become overwhelmed by emotions.  i get a lot wrong as your mama.  mistakes i pray you don't make.  but there is so much truth i want to instill in your heart while i can.  

allow me to share three pieces of motherly advice with you...

never compromise the things you value.  down deep into your core,  you are designed just the way you on purpose.  somewhere you will find someone to appreciate those very things.  each and every individual has their own nuances and peculiar ways.  i suppose if we weren't all unique the world would be a pretty boring place.  cling to those things important to you.  and never beat yourself or deem yourself unworthy when someone else does not appreciate those things.  being a grown up ain't all its cracked up to be.  don't be in such a rush to find that out for yourself.  you will wind up disappointed.  adulthood has a cruel way of throwing sucker punches.  but you have a choice when you are hunched over, grasping for air after a devastating blow.  you can either cry all day and wish you were different.  or you can lean in to the One who declares you wonderful.  choose the later.  for He is the only salve for a broken-heart.  and Who better to heal your broken heart than the One who created it.  

money ain't everything. true contentment can only be found in a treasure stored up in eternity.  but if you find yourself worrying over money or coveting material things or trying to run with the joneses, you best reevaluate where you have laid your treasure.  for wherever you find, you will also find your heart.  best to learn this early rather than coming late to the dance, like me.  contrary to what the world screams at you, money does not equate to happiness.  happiness is nothing but a fleeting emotion.  contentment is what you should be aiming for.  and contentment is found only in Jesus.  ask me how i know.  

when you find yourself having a crappy day, remember there is always one place you can run.  straight into my arms.  and no matter the distance between us, my arms are long enough to reach you.  mamas have a way of knowing when something ain't quite right with their babies.  it's uncanny, really.  make no mistake, i can handle the details of your crappy day.  i will always come with a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a heart that understands.  and ice cream.  because ice cream heals a myriad of trouble.  my love for you will never fail.  and love like that has the power to cover countless bad days.

some lessons you will have to learn on your own.
and it will break my heart.  just ask gigi.  
you may think you are smarter than me.  
sometimes i think the same.
but there are moments when your mama has sound advice you can trust.  

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