Monday, May 19, 2014

one thing i still know...

Tomorrow is a big day.  For both of us.  For you another year older.  For me, it marks the day that my whole world changed.

Just a day shy of three years into this journey of motherhood, and I humbly admit that I still don't know a whole lot about how to be a mama.  But I stand firm on one thing.  And one thing only.  Jesus knows.  He knows.

I seek Him for guidance and direction.  The One who gave you to me.  The One I gave you back to the first moment I gazed into your eyes.  The One who handcrafted you and placed a desire and purpose in your heart.

As your mama, my job is to help you discover that desire and purpose by pointing you to Truth.  To set your eyes on the Cross.

Trust me when I tell you this, you were designed on purpose with a void in your heart.  And the only thing that will fill that void is Jesus.  It took me way too long to figure that out.  I pray it doesn't take you near that long.

Sweet angel, I am going to fail you.  I already have.  But know this one thing, your mama searches His word for truth.  I seek Him in how to be a mama.  Your mama.  I don't dare think I'll ever have it figured out.  But you and me.  We are going to set our hearts and eyes in the only One who can help us figure it out.  Together.  

Grab my hand, angel.  We're in this together.  For the long haul.

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