Sunday, May 18, 2014

two + you = beautiful

two days.  that is all that stands between you and turning three.
i've resigned myself to the fact that you are no longer a baby.
yet, i keep telling you that you will always be my baby.

in the past three years, i can count on two hands the nights i've been away from you.
for there is no place i'd rather be than by your side.  

i've watched you grow and learn and blossom into a bundle of sassy and sweet. 
a combination i wouldn't trade for the world.

during this time, i've come to realize that you are the perfect blend between me and your daddy.

two people who love each other more than they know how to say love you more than anything in this side of heaven.

and when two people love each other that much they can't help but give life to the perfect blend of that love.

you have an infatuation with music.  you love to sing and dance and listen to good music.  i love music, but your talent to sing comes from your daddy and his family.  i may pretend to be a good singer in the car, but your daddy really has a talent.  one he doesn't share that often.

the deep blue abyss of your blue eyes pierce straight through my heart.  eyes the color of sapphire.  the browns are known for their captivating blue eyes.  and your eyes captivate me in ways you will never know.

you have yet to meet a stranger.  i know two men who haven't ever met a stranger.  they happen to be my favorite guys.  your daddy and mine {otherwise known as papa to you}.  your personality mimics theirs and you are bound to be a people-person.  my prayer is that you do not develop into a people-pleaser like me. but i do pray you love people and always treat them as good as you do now.

you are fiercely independent.  you insist on doing things your way.  i suppose this is a mix of both of us.  your daddy is independent beating to his own drum and i insist on things being done my way.  never forget that you can learn things from other people and that your way is not always the best way.  

you go to bed late and like to sleep late.  but you do not like to nap.  your daddy is a night owl and hard to rise in the mornings.  on the other hand, i am an early bird and not prone to napping.  to make matters worse, you grit your teeth at night.  something you get from me.  

you love books and words and anything outdoors.  the books and words you get from me.  outdoors is your daddy's cup of tea.  my idea of outdoors is a lounge chair by the pool or sea.  and your daddy's idea of a book is one that has been made into a movie.  

every bit of you combines to make the most beautiful girl we have ever laid eyes on.  your daddy and i love you more than you will ever truly understand.  but more importantly, we love each other that much too.  you are the best part of both of us.  and our lives will always be richer because of you.

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