Tuesday, May 20, 2014

to my girl, on the occasion of turning 3...

sweet girl,

it happened.  you woke up this morning and were another year older.  we celebrated with our traditional birthday breakfast.  pancakes and strawberries.  this year, we were joined by pop-pop, granny d, aunt lea, uncle jimmy, gigi and papa.  

have i mentioned that you are abundantly loved?

i promised you the day you were born that i would do everything in my power each year to spend your day with you.  so far, so good.  

we had a big day planned.

after breakfast, we set out for a little diva day.  complete with mani-pedis and lunch.  you were tickled.  you chose pink and purple polish.  oh boy!  we lunched at one of your favorites.  mi tierra.  you insisted on white cheese dip and chicken fingers.  then, we had your class party at school.  your friends were delighted to wake up from nap and celebrate with you.  

three years ago, i was blessed beyond measure when i looked at your face for the very first time.  it was love at first sight.  these years i count as pure joy.  for you are the best and brightest of all my days.  

sweet angel, you are sunshine on the cloudiest of days.  you are pure sweetness when all else turns sour.  you offer giggles when life gets too serious.  you give big squeezes when loneliness threatens to creep in. you are an undeserved, unearned grace gift from God.

you have healed me in ways i don't even understand.  and i love you more than my heart can fathom.  

daughter, the sweetest melody my ears ever did hear.  you bring so much joy to the lives around you.  i consider myself blessed to be your mama.  everyday is a celebration with you.  but today, may you feel set apart and cherished.  may you know deep down in places you didn't know existed that you are loved beyond compare.  

harper lin, i'd rather spend all my days with you than anyone else!  making memories with you is the most fun...

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