Wednesday, July 16, 2014

parking lot prayers...

in the still of night, that moment in the day when times seems to stand still, the time between one day ending and another dawning, i had the privilege of witnessing a team of thirty-nine men and women set off for central america.  mission bound for honduras.  

His hands and feet loaded up on three church buses.  there were a handful of my high school girls, a few of my beloved beauties, and a whole lot of friends.  my church family.  

their hearts are grounded in the grace that pours forth from the Cross.  their eyes are fixed on Jesus.  

with all my might, i tried to ignore the call to join them in that parking lot.  
in the end, i heeded His call. 

my heart will never be the same.

each time we are obedient to what He is calling us to, we are changed.  marked for eternity.

as they took their seats on those church buses, a piece of me went with them.

in the quiet of my car, i sat in the parking lot and prayed over this team.  i am confident that these words will not return void.  

won't you join me in praying for these hands and feet over the next ten days?  

Lord, You are good.  Your Word promises us that you hem us in from behind and between.  we find peace within the hedge of Your protection.  we boldly approach the Throne of grace asking Your hedge comfort this team bound for Honduras.  keep them free from sickness and harm.  give them supernatural strength when their physical bodies feel as if they might fail.  hide them under Your wings so that the enemy may not taunt them on the long, hot days.  may they stay in our hearts and prayers as they bravely do Your work.  we know that wherever you call us, Your provision is already there.  make us bold, Father.  open our eyes to see all You are doing through this team and the people of Honduras.  we wait with eager anticipation for Your glory to be revealed. amen.

can you see it?  miracles happen when your eyes are fixed on Jesus.
watch and see.  for He is doing immeasurably more than we could ever imagine. 

immeasurably more.

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