Thursday, October 23, 2014

{day twenty two} where you go...

it is said that wherever you go becomes a part of you.
i suppose that is true.

as my family barrels down the interstate toward our nation's capital I am reminded of how this place we travel to is a part of me.
for six weeks in 1996 I worked as a page for senator thurmond.
the pure grace of the experience is not lost on me.

I learned a lot in those six weeks
about government and state and country.
but mostly about myself.

perhaps the biggest lesson was it is nice to come home.
to the place that knows you well.

i have anticipated this trip with my family for months.
a few days of respite as we soak up time with one another.
for my soul has needed the chance to get away from the familiar in order to recharge and refresh.

for as much as where we go becomes a part of us, home will always be where my heart resides.

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