Tuesday, June 2, 2015

breakroom banter...

most days i enjoy lunch from a borrowed owl lunch bag with a monogram that belongs to a four year.  truth be told, the contents of the borrowed bag look like they belong to a four year old too.
there are fruit snacks.
and sandwiches.
and fruit cups.  

you know, whatever can be grabbed in a hurry as we rush out the door.

today, a group of us gathered around the table to escape our offices and converse about anything other than work.

it became apparent that i live under a rock, but i was blissfully unaware of bruce or caitlyn or whatever that whole situation is.  other than my 19 days of shameful binge-watching netflix, i do not watch tv.  nor do i know what is going on or trending or whatever the term.  

i quickly learned that bruce is now caitlyn because he has always felt like caitlyn and never felt like bruce.
or so i gathered.

i was stunned.

you see, i've always felt like a size-two swimsuit model.
but there is truth and dna.

and my dna says that i am plump.
pleasingly so, but plump nonetheless.

and truth.
it says that i fearfully and wonderfully made.
just the way i am.

so while i do not want to debate science and feelings of others, i do know the One who makes no mistakes.  and i trust His handiwork because He alone is perfect.  

my prayer is that bruce or caitlyn can know the same.  
for in Him, peace is found.
and when peace is found, joy is just around the corner.

for now, i will crawl back under my rock.
content that i am not the size-two swimsuit model i once felt i was and joyful that i am at peace with who He created me to be.

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