Tuesday, September 8, 2015

the miracle in the park...

it's been seven years since that magic show in the middle of the park.

if you asked me then if i believed in magic, i would have told you no.
the fact is i still don't.

rather, i believe in miracles.
the unexplainable.
the unquestionable.
the unmistakable.
the undeniable.

for it is those moments i know beyond all doubt that He is working.

take that evening in the park all those years ago.
a man whose heart wasn't quite sure he wanted to marry again.
and a woman whose heart was so tattered and beaten from years of believing lies.

but the work of His hand and the miracle of love was strong enough to bring them together.

through the years, the miracle has paled.
for they allowed every day life and the mundane numb their hearts to the miracle of building a life together.
a life brought together and bound together by the One who is love.

their story has been one with many twists and turns.
there has been sadness and darkness.
as well as laughter and bright shining days of joy.
for better or worse.
for richer or poorer.
in sickness and health.

those are the ties that bind.
and miracles happen in the moments in between.
the moments of saying 'i do' over and over and over again.
the moments of choosing every day to love another.

in the middle of that park all those years ago, he asked the question she never thought she'd hear.
she gave him the answer her heart longed to give.

yes, i choose you.
yes, i love you.
yes, i need you.
yes, i want you.

and seven years later, they celebrate the miracle of what God brought together.
for it hasn't been easy.
but anything worth fighting for is never easy.
it is through the struggles and tears and knee-fought battles the miracle of love shines brightest.
and His love is radiant.

the miracle of that is not lost on the two who He brought together.

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