Thursday, August 27, 2015

turning the page on our story...{part four}

have you ever dove head first into a story that completely terrified you from the beginning?
but you stick it out because somewhere in the middle you find yourself completely intrigued with how it will all end?
then, just when you think you know how it will end, the story gets more intense?

yeah, me too.

after seven long months, this afternoon we board a plane and reunite with the one who makes our family whole.
we are turning the page on a part of our story.
a part that has shaped us.
formed us.
grown us.
and moved us closer to the One who pens this romance between a man and woman.

there is something different about this part of the story.
something thrilling and fabulous.
it is hard to describe or put into words.
but there is something that feels more like forever and less like one more day.

over the course of this time, i have learned a thing or two about marriage.
now, more than ever, i am convinced that marriage is a commitment meant to mold and shape us.
too many people buy into the false notion that marriage is something you do once you have been made whole.
even i used to believe that lie.

i don't anymore.

instead, i stand firm in the fact that marriage is a sacred covenant.
made between two broken people.
who day in and day out learn to become one flesh united in Christ.
you see, marriage was never meant to make a person whole.
there is but One who can do that.

and so, this separation has forced me to take a hard look at what i believe.
in doing this, i have embraced the brokenness of myself.  
and my husband.
through our brokenness, we are learning to lean into His wholeness.
because Light can only shine through broken vessels.
and we want desperately for His light to radiate through us.

storms cause trees to grow deeper roots.
i believe the same is true for marriage.
for a marriage that weathers the most brutal of squalls is stronger.

we have done that.
but we are not naive to the fact that more storms will threaten to overtake us.
together we have proven that we can navigate any whirlwind as long as our eyes are set on the One who stands in the midst of it all.
beckoning us to go deeper with Him.
trusting He is the only way through this life.

have you ever wondered the moment you know you love someone most of all?

just this week, i believe i stumbled upon the answer.
through my Bible reading, it was as if the words leapt off the page and knocked me square in the heart.

real love is made of living the monotony of daily life in faithfulness.
of making a whole decade of moments that speak of His love.
moments that tell the glorious truth of the Gospel.

God is love.  
the Bible tell us so.

and if God is love, then love is nothing like the movies.
or the garbage on magazine covers.

indeed, love lays itself down.
lays down plans.
and dreams.
and agendas.
and grudges.
and tally sheets.
and pride.
and time tables.
and self.

always self.

love always lays itself down.
and in doing so, it lifts up the will of another.
that is how you make love in a marriage.
you lay yourself down.
to lift up the other.

i want to love my husband well.
and i want our marriage to tell the story of the Gospel.
of sacrifice.
and selflessness.
and laying down in order for Love to be lifted high.

this new chapter in our story is going to be the best yet.
i just know it.
because the Author of our story is Love Himself.

our story, this tale of love, isn't just for the two of us.
it is for those who are hurting and in need of hope.
we are humbled and honored to partner with God in being light-bearers for His Kingdom.
to Him be all the glory!

keep coming back to our place.
as the sun sets on this part of our story, we trust that God will continue writing our story to share with others.
and we promise to tell it in a way that brings Him honor and praise.

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