Thursday, January 19, 2017

four months...

i don't know how to explain this.
how someone comes into your life.
and then four short months later, it feels like you've know them a lifetime.

that is exactly how we feel about you, bud.

four months.

they have been long.
and short.
all at the same time.

they have been sweet.
and exhausting.
some days more sweet.
others more exhausting.
but all of them priceless.

you are a big boy.
i already have visions of you being a linebacker.
or a sumo-wrestler.
you could probably take your pick.

you are a juicy, lump of nothing but pure sugar.
and i can't help but squeeze you.

you are wearing a size three diaper.
and size 6-9 month clothes.

we all know you like to eat.
but you smile biggest when it is time for your oatmeal.
and fuss.
good golly do you fuss when i take too long refilling the spoon.
you are up to 10 ounce bottles.
and you still burp like a man.

you love to bounce.
but we can't help but giggle.
because you only hop on one leg.
your right leg.
which is always the leg you are kicking and moving.

the slow roll from back to tummy has proven to be just that.
you tend to get stuck on your side.
i'm pretty sure your belly is getting in your way.

we still can't keep your hands out of your mouth.
which makes us believe you are starting to teeth.
truth be told, it would suit me just fine if you didn't cut your first tooth until you were 57 months.
that way you stay a gummy baby for a little longer.
a mama can wish, right?

bud, you have colored our lives brighter.
filled our hearts fuller.
and made our smiles bigger.
you are such a gift.

we love you, bud.
more than you will ever truly understand...

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