Wednesday, October 1, 2014

{day one} i declare...31 days to testify to His grace...

welcome to my place.
let's cozy up for the next 31 days and share life together.
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i declare.
each time i come back here, it feels like the very first time.

i have been in desperate need of something to knock the cobwebs off these fingers of mine.
these fingers that love to pour out truth and offer a glimpse of Jesus.

problem is, these fingers haven't had much to say for the past few months.
there are days when i knit together words a mile long.  words that reflect a glimmer of glory.

and then there are days like the past few months.
days that are long and dry.  
days that leave my fingers cracking and crumbling.

these dry bones have been parched lately.
not for lack of guzzling from the well.
but more from this life that tends to run us ragged.

for the past two years, i've challenged myself to spend the entire month of october writing on one solid topic.  
i have found each time that it pushes me past my comfort level of writing.  
often times, i toy with the idea of giving all this up.
and then i'm gently reminded it is my passion.  maybe not my gift.  but definitely my passion.

i have much to share to with you this month.
i pray you will join me over at this place i call home where i will testify to His grace and goodness in my life.
i will share stories.  and bare my soul while baring witness to Jesus.
there will be laughter.  and likely some tears.  
but a whole lot of love.

come on back each day.
let's cozy up at my place.
giving grace and doing life together.

i declare.
you are so welcome here.

that is why i can never stop praising you;

    i declare your glory all day long.

psalm 71: 7-8

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